5 Day: Wind & Hail Adjuster Training Course with Xactimate

5 Day: Wind & Hail Adjuster Training Course with Xactimate 

3 Day Wind & Hail Adjuster Training Course (TDI#30759) & 2 Day: Xactimate with Sketch (TDI#30761) - 37 TX Continuing Education Hours *Includes 2 Hour Ethics Requirement

You have your Adjuster License, now what? Now it is time to really get the training that matters! 

Learn the skills you need from start to finish. Learn what it takes to get on site, scope losses, evaluate policies, and close claims. learn the proper equipment, measuring techniques, and photo documentation of claims.

This course includes the 3 day Wind & Hail Adjuster Training Course as well as the 2 day Xactimate software training program that will teach students the basics and some advanced aspects of the most popular estimating software in the insurance industry. You will be able to walk into any situation with confidence!

Included Topics:
Job Expectations - CAT and Non-CAT

Networking/Resume Prep
General Home Construction
Measurement principles
Roofing - parts, shapes and materials
Interior and Exterior Finishes and equipment
Carpeting - material, measurement and padding
Drywall, Plaster and Ceiling Tiles
Framing and Rough Carpentry
Cabinetry - Cabinets and Vanities
HVAC - Terms and Concepts                                                                   
2 - Day Xactimate with Sketch
Scoping the Loss - Wind and Hail Adjusting – Each student will be given the opportunity to scope a real house

*This course comes with the Adjuster Academy of Texas: Wind and Hail: Adjuster Handbook and Xactimate Course material at no additional cost.


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5 Day: Wind & Hail Adjuster Training Course with Xactimate

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